Seed Preparation and Conditioning

Proper seed preparation is an essential process stage for oil seed processing. Seed preparation is indispensable for optimum oil yield and optimum oil, oil cake and meal quality. Seed preparation means the appropriate mechanical and/or hydro-thermal seed preparation for better subsequent oil extraction through mechanical de-oiling in screw presses and/or through solvent extraction.

Essential process stages of seed preparation are:

• Fine cleaning For removal of undesired foreign matter like sand, stones, branches etc. and ferromagnetic particles from seed.
• Dehulling Higher plant capacity through separation of hulls, reduction in fibre content and increase in cake’s protein content, minimization of wear of roller and screw parts through use of CPM impact or roller dehulling machines and hull separators.
• Crushing For optimum pressing and extraction results. The shear force effect causes mechanical destruction of cell walls for better results of following oil extraction through use of CPM fluted roller mills and/or flaking mills.
• Conditioning Hydro-thermal process for considerable improvement of oil extractability through use of CPM stack cookers or horizontal conditioners.