Glycerine Plants

Fats existing in nature are often called „triglycerides”. They are composed of one glycerine molecule with three attached fatty acids.

When processing or upgrading such fats or triglycerides, glycerine is frequently generated as by-product. However, the respective technological processing stage is decisive for the mode of upgrading of glycerine phase for the production of high-grade glycerine distillate.

In general, three types of crude glycerine can be derived from the different fat processing stages:

  1. Crude glycerine from soap production
  2. Crude glycerine from direct fat splitting
  3. Crude glycerine as by-product from BIODIESEL generation.

The CSK plant programme offers different solutions for processing and upgrading of these three different grades of crude glycerine.

In all cases, the actual glycerine distillation forms the last stage of upgrading. CSK developed its own innovative solution with low energy and fluid consumption figures and with the absolute minimum of process losses.

The glycerine distillate with a purity of at least 99.5 % produced in CSK’s glycerine distillation plants meets the requirements defined in all known international standards, going from the USP Standard (USA) up to the European Pharmacopeia.

The excellent references emphasize the company’s unique position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers in this specific industrial branch.